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Supporting Japanese companies with their investments in Austria, building up their business relationships with Austrian counter parties, and other inbound activities is at the heart of TAIYO Legals work. Our experts advise – of course in Japanese – inter alia on real estate law (limitations for foreigners), corporate law (establishing subsidiaries and branches), law on aliens (application for residence permits), trade law and dispute resolution.

TAIYO Legal also advises European clients on their business activities with Japanese counterparties. Many years of experience in the Japanese market allow us to find tailor-made solutions which go far beyond drafting the ideal contract. Our clients benefit from excellent personal relationships in Japan and detailed knowledge of Japanese customs and business practices.

オキ -Oki-

TAIYO Legal inter alia advises:

  • a Japanese company active in the field of sports on its Austria business including the acquisition of TV licenses
  • a multinational Japanese group on its joint venture with an Austrian IT service company
  • a Japanese leisure company on the establishment of an Austrian company
  • a Japanese travel agency with EURO 4 billion turnover in its commitment to Austria

Please contact us for a comprehensive list of our credentials.

オキ -Oki-
Yoshihiko Asakura

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